Why do we blog?

I’ve been watching the antics of many publications and so-called newsgathering organizations and everyone (including nwlanews.com) is doing the same thing — promoting blogs.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my share of www.marshallfannin.com as much as the next guy, but are blogs really the “journalism of the future?”

Also, are blogs written for the reader, or for the writer? More times than not, the latter is true.

Writes love to share their musings, and hate the confinement of journalistic and sometimes grammatical standards. If that weren’t enough, news writers are frustrated with the “snippets” they are asked to write these days. “What do you mean keep it under 200 words?”

Personally, I blog to put my thoughts down in some permanent form — before I lose them completely. It allows me the freedom to write about anything (even blogs). It is my hope that readers find my blogs interesting, even funny sometimes.

If you read, or if you don’t — I shall continue to write.. it is just what I do.

On another note
A friend of mine told me that a radio talk show host referred to Rep. Billy Montgomery as a “con artist” for voting for the Stelly Plan and now wanting to change and/or repeal it. I feel that was out of line.

Regardless of how you feel about Coach Montgomery’s politics, to blame Stelly solely on him, or any other legislator is careless. I don’t care if he did cast the deciding vote to put it on the ballot for the people to decide.

What? Let the people decide?

That’s right, the Stelly bill/law was passed by the people of Louisiana. It was a constitutional amendment was on the ballot. We all claim to have been “duped” into voting for this thing. We blame the “liberal media” for shoving it down our throats. We blame an apathetic electorate for not defeating it at the polls.

Well, if it is possible for the “people” to be duped into voting for the thing, then why don’t the legislators who put it on the ballot get at least a little “benefit of the doubt?” – and a little credit for trying to make it right or better now?

Just a thought… Perhaps we are all too stupid to be in a Democracy.

May the Blog Be with You

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  • Anonymous

    Speaking of MarshallFannin, what on earth happened to him?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00485757793746752139 David Specht

    I don’t know. I noticed his site was gone yesterday.

    I know he got an angry email from the La. Democractic Party… but that’s the last I saw.

  • Anonymous

    or perhaps our voters are just too mis-informed or downright stupid…most of these tax bills, whether at the state or local levels are pitched to those who have the least to lose. They’re told that garbage legislation like the Stelley Plan helps the “po folks” and shifts the burden to the rich. Of course the po-folks think anyone who owns their own business or who makes more than $40K a year is rich so hell yeah…let’s let the tax bill go through.