Where have you gone, Marshall Fannin?

People in Shreveport-Bossier media and blog enthusiast alike know the name Marshall Fannin. His satirical look at our area was unique in this day and age of political correctness.

Last week, he took aim at the governor’s race — posting a pseudo-press release from the Democratic Party of Louisiana, followed by a pseudo-interview with U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal.

Both were obviously in jest and quite comical.

As of Monday (at least that’s when I noticed it) his site was gone.

Marshall’s identity was always unknown, but perhaps he was “outted.”

In true Marshall Fannin form, perhaps we can start a top ten list of possible suspects in his Disappearance:

10. One of the people he didn’t pick as “best news anchor in Shreveport-Bossier.”

9. An official with the Central Hockey League who had learned of Marshall’s planned expose’ on the “Mudbugs Conspiracy.”

8. Foster Campbell – because Marshall didn’t have a pseudo-interview with him too.

7. The Mayor of Marshall, Texas, because he felt the blog was being misconstrued as the City’s Website.

6. Marshall Fannin was just a dream – kind of like that whole season of Dallas.

5. The Rev. Al Sharpton, because he felt Marshall’s initials were offensive.

4. The entire news staff of the Shreveport Times, because Marshall’s blog received more hits that all of theirs combined.

3. Prentiss Smith – Because he thought Marshall Fannin was actually George W. Bush’s pen name. Sorry Prentiss, Marshall had better grammar than that.

2. The Rev. Jesse Jackson – because he refused to be upstaged by The Rev. Al Sharpton

and the number one suspect in Marshall Fannin’s Disappearance

1. THE TECH SUPPORT GUY AT MARSHALL’S BLOG SITE. He got tired of all the hits overloading the system.

My apologies to Marshall, everyone mentioned and tech support people everywhere.

May the Blog Be With You.

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  • Wilhelm Scream

    Save Marshall Fannin, save the world.

  • Vic

    Yes, save Marshall!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11147920478213250519 Kevan Smith

    I emailed Marshall today, and at first he said he wanted to bring it back, then he said he wasn’t going to do it.

  • the blonde

    Marshall is in my bondage dungeon…taking a much needed “rest”.

  • Anonymous

    maybe he should watch espn news and stop talking from his …

  • Anonymous

    I sent an email to “him” the other day and he replied as follows….

    Thanks for noticing my absence. It was a fun project. Google me every now and then. Who knows? Maybe we’ll fire it back up one day. I doubt it, though.

    — Marshall Fannin