Tree killers

As someone in the newspaper business, I take my fair share of criticism for ‘killing trees.” After all, the news is printed on paper. However, I have yet to see the outcry from environmentalists taking issue with junk mail.

Or how about those to kill trees in the hopes of reaching the right person, by sending multiple versions of the same letter to several people at one place.

Case in point – Today’s mail contained identical letters to the following individuals:

David Specht (me)
Clint Land (hasn’t worked here since 2003)
Jerry Byrd (Sports Editor)
Randy Brown (Ad Manager)

The sender of these letters: The National Arbor Day Foundation

Where’s the outcry?
Where’s the defender of these poor defenseless trees who gave up their lives for mass mailings?

Ridiculous isn’t it?
Remember that the next time someone talks to you about conservation.

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  • C. R. Land

    Hey Dave, would you mind forwarding my mail to my new office? I’ve been waiting for that piece from the Arbor Foundation for a couple weeks now.

  • Kevan Smith

    Dave, the Arbor Day Foundation plants new trees to replace plus some those it might use in mass mailings. And wasn’t it printed on recycled paper? Further, the trees the Arbor Foundation wants to save aren’t in danger of being used for paper. Forestry companies carefully manage growth of trees for that, as you might know since forestry is an important industry in Bossier Parish. And finally, plenty of environmental organizations do speak out against wasteful junk mailing.

  • David Specht

    Someone actually took that blog entry seriously. Scary