Sarah Palin has made the race interesting

The race is on. All of a sudden, a “ho-hum” presidential race that many in this neck of the woods were less than enthused about, is the talk of the town, the television and the nation.

Who would have thought John McCain would create such and uproar (both for and against) with his vice presidential pick? Certainly not me, and obviously not the Democrats or the mainstream media (notice I didn’t call them the press.)

However, here we are, approximately 10 days since his choosing of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and approximately two months out from Election Day. And, we are still talking about her.

The “Palin Effect” began innocently enough, with Senator John McCain bringing her out for a brief acceptance speech Friday, Aug. 29. To the casual observer, McCain announcement wasn’t all that different from Democratic Candidate Barack Obama’s announcement of Senator Joe Biden as his running mate.

Personally, I had not heard of Palin before that day, and the announcement didn’t mean much at first.
Then came Friday night. I was in attendance at my church (First Assembly of God in Minden) for a banquet honoring our Sunday School teachers. That’s when someone asked, “Did you hear who McCain picked? She’s A/G.”

A/G is a term people in our denomination (I use that term loosely) to signify someone who is in the Assemblies of God. All of a sudden, I was interested in the V.P. pick of McCain.
All weekend I witnessed the “did you hear…” comments from friends and relatives.

The innocently launched “Palin Effect” was gaining momentum. Newspapers, radio, television and of course bloggers, all wanted to know more – and more they got.

The news media (notice I didn’t call them the press) learned Palin’s 17-year-old daughter was pregnant — out of wedlock. They “covered: the story by saying they are not covering the story and then getting comments about them not covering the story, which others made comments about how comments on this story that wasn’t being covered were off limits, but that how being off limits doesn’t mean it should not be commented on.

Then came Wednesday.

Yes, I made it a priority to get home and watch her speech. And, yes, I was as floored as most Americans with how well she did under all the circumstances — including the problems with her teleprompter.

The aftermath of “the speech” is still ongoing. Conservatives are inspired and Liberals are less than amused.

Still no one knows how to react. Each day I check the wire for pertinent news that I feel would be of interest to our readers. Each day, there are more and more stories about Palin. The funny thing is the stories don’t really say anything new.

Thursday, Palin will sit down with Charlie Gibson of ABC news. Who knows if that will bring any “revelations” that the media (Once again, not the press) will run with.

Regardless, this election is shaping to be one for the books — which is just fine with me.

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  • Anonymous

    I am sorry to disagree with all of the fanfair and hoopla. I sit back and wonder what is wrong with these folks. She belittle community-grassroot- organizers. Then place her pregnant 17 year old in the spotlight along with the baby daddy… I would not have done that to my family. What do you think the media would do if the shoe was on the other foot and this was Obama’s 17 year old pregnant daughter? They would have a field day. But now pre-marital sex is all part of good family values.(snick). It is o k because Palin, the mother is pro-life. Sorry, but pro-life is not defined as it’s ok for pre-marital sex. One person told me that things like that happens in our society; so does murder…does that make it right?

    Ms. Palin and all the rest so called christians who are following the pipe piper better be remember or be reminded that “Jesus Christ was a Community Organizer Pontius Pilate was governor!”

    Shirley L. Shed

  • Anonymous

    I am sure he will keep “my” comment invisible to the public eye. Shirley L. Shed

  • David Specht

    I think the public eye is the perfect place for comments.

  • lsnider

    You ROCK, Mr. Specht!

  • MindenGlock

    I’m scared! Guess I’ll just cling to my gun and my Bible!!

  • hockeyfanmother

    People can’t find anything else on Sarah so they have to play the pre-marital sex card. Christian or not life does happen. It is how your handle it in the end that counts.

  • Anonymous

    You know to claim to be Christian to deceive Christians for their votes is still a lie.

    Bush is a good example.My research has proved Obama is a Muslim and his slip of the tongue my Muslim faith oops It is not hard to figure what you meant Obama.

    America`s freedoms are at stake and a devoted Muslim president would no doubt rob them.Most Christians do not understand that devoted Muslims is ordered by their so-called Holy book the Quran to kill Jew`s and Christians for not converting to Islam.

    I fear McCain is only using Palin as a tool to get Christians to vote for him.We will get another 4 years of failure with either President and you can bank on it.


    Steve Miller.