Why You (And I) Should Not Prospect in December

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In the print media business, we often look for leads and prospects in competing publications. This usually pans out very well, as clients who advertise in competing publications have already bought into the benefits of print advertising. It is our job to counsel them on the benefit of OUR print advertising product(s).

For 11 months out of the year, this is a good plan. We have opened some previously closed doors using this method. But, when December rolls around, that all changes.

Sell the Sizzle, But Make Sure the Steak Tastes Good Too


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A convenience store I frequent near my office is located next door to a Burger King® fast food restaurant. From time to time, you can smell the flame broiler cooking burgers as the place gets ready for lunch rush.

That smell is enough to make anyone hungry for a Whopper®. In fact, there are time I have left the convenience store, smelled that aroma and immediately got in line in the drive thru.

With my mouth salivating in anticipation of the product which produced that aroma, I take a big bite — and am usually disappointed.

Don’t Make Deals (Unless You Have A Really Good Reason)


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[dc]T[/dc]he old saying, “Everyone loves a deal,” might not be as true as once thought. The advertising industry is notorious about cutting deals — perhaps to their own detriment.

Newspapers typically place their rates on a “rate card.” It contains pertinent information, along with the newspaper’s “open rate” — the amount the ad would cost if no “deal” was in place.

The open rate was once the staple of the newspaper advertising buy — with very few exceptions. However, in this ultra-competitive world, the open rate has given way to individually negotiated deals. It is a wonder there is an open rate at all any more.