Get Butch Bellah’s Book on Sales (It’s Free)

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I don’t usually make a habit of recommending a book I haven’t read, but in this case I will make an exception. My friend Butch Bellah’s The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging into the Power of Ten is free this week (Kindle Only). I have downloaded the book and will read it very soon.

While I don’t know the entirety of the content, I do know Butch. As a friend and “”leadership colleague,” I know the wealth of knowledge Butch has in the area of sales and leadership. Anything he puts to paper will be priceless.

The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars is a thorough, easy-to-follow manual that lays out a roadmap for creating the habits that lead to increased sales results. Drawing on decades of successful experience selling, managing sales organizations, and training sales people, Butch Bellah has wisdom for the new salesperson and established veteran alike. — Amazon

Why is it free? Well, Butch hopes this effort will raise the book on the Amazon lists, so that he can help more people (and make more money.) So, you get to benefit from his efforts. The only investment you have is the time you will spend reading. Trust me, the return on that investment will be well worth it.

Click here or the link above to be whisked away to Amazon to get your copy.

4 Ways to Find the Time to Read

reader“I don’t have time to read books.”

“I don’t like to read.”

How many times have you heard those excuses when it comes to personal development?

How many times have you used those excuses?

I used to do the same thing. But not anymore.

Readers Lead and Leaders Read
— Dave Ramsey (and probably many others)

While listening to Dave Ramsey one day, I heard him say that he has a “required reading” list for new hires and that he himself reads at least one nonfiction book a month.

Personally, I have been known to go through spurts when it comes to reading, and usually in fiction. But I never seemed to have the “time” to read for personal growth.

Today, though I am reading more than ever, and mostly nonfiction. Here are four ways to find the time to read.

Why Do I (And You) Have to Apologize If We Were Right?

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Here is a hypothetical situation: A rift was caused between two people that was based on bad information. One party held a grudge for months because of it. An apology was made. Everything is OK, right? Not even close. The party on the receiving end of the apology is now offended.

Why? Maybe the apology was a bit lukewarm. Maybe the root of the problem goes deeper. There could be many “good” reasons for the offense.

Have you ever been involved in a situation where you were wronged, an apology was offered, but things didn’t get resolved?