Thinking Outside the (Newspaper) Box


A few weeks ago, my team and I were brainstorming ideas on how to increase sales in our newspaper machines. Several years ago we made the conscious decision to move away from the “it bleeds, it leads,” mentality. While that approach has been the staple of newspapers for years, we felt it didn’t line up with our core values as a company. Taking that option off the table, a discussion ensued about the need for more sales.

The normal players were all in the meeting: circulation leadership, editorial leadership and advertising leadership. One new face was our consultant, Jerry Frentress. His background in sales (mainly radio) and marketing would bring a fresh set of eyes to the subject. And, boy did he.

Whatever you are doing with marketing is probably wrong [Podcast]

PodcastlogoIf you were to ask someone if they pay attention to the marketing of their business, the quick answer is “yes.” However, if you ask them about branding, customer experience, or marketing channels, you can almost guarantee receiving a blank stare.

What is marketing? Is it merely advertising? Is it the company logo? Or is it something more? In this episode of the BIZ. Tools Podcast, David and Jerry discuss the many aspects of marketing.

David highlights the three-legged stool of marketing: Brand, Customer Experience, and Voice. Jerry expands on the 30-second commercial and both offer practical marketing tools for business marketing.


Why You (And I) Should Not Prospect in December

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In the print media business, we often look for leads and prospects in competing publications. This usually pans out very well, as clients who advertise in competing publications have already bought into the benefits of print advertising. It is our job to counsel them on the benefit of OUR print advertising product(s).

For 11 months out of the year, this is a good plan. We have opened some previously closed doors using this method. But, when December rolls around, that all changes.