The Power of Music

I have a dock in my office for my iPad and iPhone. Most of the time it is quietly charging my “must-have” devices. However, one morning I decided to listen to some music. So I launched the Pandora app, chose “Journey Radio” and turned up the volume just a little.

That’s when it happened.


Photo by David Specht Jr.

Things you shouldn’t say while on vacation

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[dc]W[/dc]hile vacationing with my family at the home of my sister-in-law and her husband, I tried to disconnect as much as possible. That being said, I found myself checking emails each morning and forwarding things to be handled, etc. in my absence. This routine left the rest of my day to enjoy time away from work.

One morning, while checking his email, my sister-in-law’s husband read me an auto-reply from one of his colleagues, who was also on vacation.

“What of do you think of this auto reply?” he asked.

3 Things to Do on Your Summer Vacation


(CC) By Cristian Borquez via Flickr

[dc]I[/dc] looked at my calendar this morning and realized how many team members (including myself) are taking their vacations this month. In our 24/7 business world, it is hard to disconnect from work, even on vacation.

It is a sad situation to see a team member return from “time off” more tired than when they left. Leaders and entrepreneurs tend to be the worst at really enjoying the time away.

Here are some suggestions for what do during a vacation.