BIZ. Tools 27: The Roots of Business Success (or failure)


Can you be successful in business without integrity? How do you define business ethics? David and Jerry tackle this subject in this week’s episode. They define the terms and share stories of how integrity (or the lack of) played a role in their businesses,or businesses the have observed.


BIZ. Tools 26: Why Should I Start A Podcast? [Podcast]


unnamed-1Whether you have never heard of podcasting, or  consider yourself a podcast junkie, this episode of the BIZ. Tools Podcast is for you. (Did we say podcast enough times in that sentence?) In March of 2014, David was Interviewed by Amy Kinnaird of UncommonSense Marketing about the subject of podcasting for business.

David tells the story of the BIZ. Tools Podcast – from humble beginnings 26 episodes ago — to the weekly “extravaganza” it has become. Amy interviewed David as part of  her AmyU series, a conference call style seminar/interview where she talks to entrepreneurs and business consultants, all aimed at helping small business. You can register for future AmyU calls here.