The Difference Between A Cheerleader and a Coach

The term “coach” has become a buzzword these days. There are life coaches, health coaches, sales coaches and others. People seem to want someone to “coach” them. However, I believe what people are really wanting is a cheerleader.

In the realm of “personal development” people want to be told, “You can do it! I’m rooting for you.” Cheerleaders tend to offer praise before goal is reached, in hopes of inspiring the players, crowd, etc. to reach the goal. Coaching isn’t quite the same.


(CC) West Point Public Affairs via Flickr

BIZ. Tools 27: The Roots of Business Success (or failure)


Can you be successful in business without integrity? How do you define business ethics? David and Jerry tackle this subject in this week’s episode. They define the terms and share stories of how integrity (or the lack of) played a role in their businesses,or businesses the have observed.