It’s The Relationship, Stupid.

I recently had the opportunity to visit with a colleague from another industry. Our discussion was lively and informative. We talked about everything from the changing markets in our respective industries to the lack of branding some areas have.

As the discussion went along, I made the statement, “There is just no substitute for relationship.”

“You are absolutely right,” she said.

The statement, while not intended to be profound, opened up a discussion about how relationships are the key to success for any business, regardless of age, economic status or market.

3 Things to Do on Your Summer Vacation


(CC) By Cristian Borquez via Flickr

[dc]I[/dc] looked at my calendar this morning and realized how many team members (including myself) are taking their vacations this month. In our 24/7 business world, it is hard to disconnect from work, even on vacation.

It is a sad situation to see a team member return from “time off” more tired than when they left. Leaders and entrepreneurs tend to be the worst at really enjoying the time away.

Here are some suggestions for what do during a vacation.

What Do Chambers of Commerce Do Anyway?

Ribbon cutting1

Once upon a time, when a new business located in town, one of the first things they would do is join the local chamber of commerce. The chamber would hold a ribbon cutting. The local newspaper would take a photo. That business would remain a member of the chamber for as long as they were in business.

Times have changed.

Today, businesses rarely spend/invest money out of tradition. In fact, they have to be convinced of a return on their money — and membership in a chamber of commerce is no different.