What To Do When You Think You Don’t Have Enough Followers


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If I were to compare myself to Michael Hyatt, I would feel pretty inadequate. Michael’s “Intentional Leadership” blog has more than 365,000 total subscribers. I have 41 (as of this writing).

His blog averages more than 302,000 unique visitors per month. Mine averages 164.

Michael has nearly 167,000 Twitter followers. I have 287.

Sounds pretty depressing doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t depressing at all.

Don’t get your quotes in a bind

quotes-in-a-rounded-speech-bubble_318-9949Each morning, I open my You Version Bible App and it gives me a “verse of the day.” Recently, the following verse showed up, “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people,” — Titus 2:11. Reading this one passage could lead one to believe that salvation is something that requires no effort on the part of man to take place. That one is automatically saved by virtue of the grace of God appearing. The problem with that belief is that it is wrong, and this one verse is simply taken out of context. Here is the same quote within its biblical context:

We All Need To Think Like Consumers

[dc]F[/dc]or the past several weeks, I have been perusing the Internet for information about WordPress for newspapers. Currently, the publications I serve are on Joomla and I really would like to make the switch to a different CMS.

You can imagine my excitement when I ran across a video from Toronto WordCamp 2012 titled, “WordPress for Newspapers.”

I downloaded the video and scheduled some time to sit back and take in the knowledge that I so desperately wanted.


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