BIZ. Tools 25: Higher Education Means Business [Podcast]


David is joined in-studio by Dr. Jim Henderson, Chancellor of Bossier Parish Community College. The two discuss the value of higher education to businesses. Many business owners are unaware of the Non-credit offerings at colleges and universities — classes that teach a specific skill, without the requirements of a class aimed at an eventual degree.


BIZ. Tools 24: What Technology Can’t Replace [Podcast]


Jerry’s back! In this episode of the BIZ. Tools Podcast, David and Jerry discuss technology vs. the human touch in business. While technology has made us more efficient in many ways, it has also created laziness in communication.

While automation is helpful, there is still the need to look someone in the eye.


BIZ. Tools 23: The World Cup Effect [Podcast]



When Team USA defeated Ghana Monday night in the World Cup, social media erupted. All of a sudden, everyone became a fan of soccer. Sean Green joins David on the podcast to discuss the “World Cup Effect” and what businesses can learn from “opportunity bubbles.”