God Made a Farmer and Ram Made a Potential Customer

[dc]L[/dc]ike many who watched this past weekend’s Super Bowl, I was as excited about the commercials as I was the game.

I rolled my eyes during some, cringed during others and even shed a tear at one. But nothing could have prepared me for “So God Made a Farmer,” by Ram.

I listened to Paul Harvey each and every morning on my way to school. It was a routine for Mom and me. Later in life, I would look forward to “stand by for news.” And each day would end with “the rest of the story.”

The narration and imagery of “Farmer” touched something deep inside of me — and apparently I wasn’t the only one. According to ABC’s Good Morning America, the “Farmer” was the most tweeted commercial subject of the night.

Few folks know that I have been thinking of buying a pickup truck. In fact I was leaning toward either the Ford F-150 or the Toyota Tundra. As a result of this “experience,” I will give Ram a look when it comes time.

That is the great thing about marketing. Done right, it will cause someone who is graduating into the market to think about the product or service being offered. While Ram wasn’t necessarily promoting its trucks, it was promoting values that resonated with many.

Every so often, something comes along that almost seems magical to people. When that happens in the realm of marketing, it is special.

Something special happened for Ram that night.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.frentress Jerry Frentress

    I agree on Paul and Dodge! Well said. Thanks. Jerry

  • Laura Adley

    Great post! This was my favorite commercial. The voice of Paul Harvey brought it instant credibility. Will there ever be another voice like his? The farmers got much needed attention. Thanks for bringing more attention to it.