What Is Your Business Image? [Podcast]

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Does your business have a personality? Should it? In today’s world of social media and consumer engagement, the answer should be a resounding “Yes!” Gone are the days where a business can merely find a location, join the local chamber of commerce and open its doors. Today’s consumer (and B2B client) wants to know more about the business they may or may not engage.


They won’t know if you don’t tell them

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My oldest son just landed a position with a major pizza manufacturing and transportation corporation. Ok, he is working for Domino’s Pizza. He is excited about the prospect of learning the business in hopes of opening his own franchise someday.

During his hiring process, he learned of his pay scale. If he is inside the store, making pizzas, he earns one rate of pay. If he is out delivering pizzas, he makes a lower rate, but gets to keep his tips.

This was news to me. I figured the drivers at Domino’s were independent contractors, much like newspaper carriers. I assumed (wrongly) that drivers made a little profit on each pizza they delivered. So, I never felt bad about not tipping the driver.

Thinking Outside the (Newspaper) Box


A few weeks ago, my team and I were brainstorming ideas on how to increase sales in our newspaper machines. Several years ago we made the conscious decision to move away from the “it bleeds, it leads,” mentality. While that approach has been the staple of newspapers for years, we felt it didn’t line up with our core values as a company. Taking that option off the table, a discussion ensued about the need for more sales.

The normal players were all in the meeting: circulation leadership, editorial leadership and advertising leadership. One new face was our consultant, Jerry Frentress. His background in sales (mainly radio) and marketing would bring a fresh set of eyes to the subject. And, boy did he.