The Difference Between A Cheerleader and a Coach

The term “coach” has become a buzzword these days. There are life coaches, health coaches, sales coaches and others. People seem to want someone to “coach” them. However, I believe what people are really wanting is a cheerleader.

In the realm of “personal development” people want to be told, “You can do it! I’m rooting for you.” Cheerleaders tend to offer praise before goal is reached, in hopes of inspiring the players, crowd, etc. to reach the goal. Coaching isn’t quite the same.


(CC) West Point Public Affairs via Flickr

Tim Tebow’s Treatment Is Why I Am Boycotting the NFL

Tim Tebow Broncos

It is no secret that I prefer college football to the NFL. However, when Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2010, I started to care — at least a little. I followed the saga in Denver, New York and New England. 

I believe in Tebow’s ability to lead a team (both offense and defense) and somehow win. Call it “leadership” or the “it” factor. Whatever the term, Tebow definitely has gallons of it. For more on why I think he would be a great NFL quarterback, just read my blog from a couple of years ago here.

This week, I came across two news stories that reminded me why I greatly dislike the NFL.