No Excuses: 3 Places to Find Cheap (Even Free) Books


As Jerry Frentress and I were recording the BIZ. Tools Podcast this week, (The Book Club Episode) I wondered if it was fair to recommend books, even challenge our listeners to read more books. After all, some of the books I have purchased in the past cost in the neighborhood of $40 or more. For a young EntreLeader, that can get expensive.

Surely there were better options than simply running to the book store (or Amazon) and paying the full retail price. I was correct. Here are three low/no-cost options to make the business book budget go further.

BIZ. Book Club – Moving Cheese and Delivering Happiness [Podcast]

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In this installment of the BIZ. Tools Book Club, David and Jerry review some “oldies” and some “not-so-oldies.” David begins with Who Moved My Cheese?  by Spencer Johnson, while Jerry kicks things off with Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.


What Is Your Business Image? [Podcast]

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Does your business have a personality? Should it? In today’s world of social media and consumer engagement, the answer should be a resounding “Yes!” Gone are the days where a business can merely find a location, join the local chamber of commerce and open its doors. Today’s consumer (and B2B client) wants to know more about the business they may or may not engage.